Bears finally arrived to her.
After a long journey.

Odd-shaped vegetables.
It's like eating monster.

Monster is surprisingly tasty.

I ate a baked sweet potato in the park.
Very delicious.

These are nameplate that I made for our wedding reception.

This is my latest work as a graphic designer.

Thanks to all my friends.
Great success!!!!!

teru-teru bouzu~  teru bouzu~
doyo-bi tenki ni shiteokure~....

Among this summer, this plant has grown significantly.

 Typography motifs from the end of 19th century.

I feel that color matching was born on change is beautiful.

On weekends, I printed a lot of my work.

"Image in my head"
"Things that actually exists"

There is always the distance between the two.

In Tokyo, the rainy season began.
While spending all day at home and wait for a sunny day.

One day a strange letter arrived.
It was the beginning of a wonderful day...

+ + +

Thanks for my great friends!

Recently, I often make a tomato pie.
It tastes creamy and soft.
I like it a lot.

Bagel sandwich:
raw ham, camembert cheese, olive, Italian parsley and lots of butter.

Sandwich two flavors:
cream cheese, raisins, honey and walnut.

I like sandwiches very much.

This is my new work.

Illustrations by Fumi Koike.
Her illustration is so nice!

It was a very fun work.

* * *