I enjoyed "TABF 2013" last weekend.
There was a lot of good stimulus for me.
I found postcards favorite there.
I really like them, so I bought two by two the same card.

Love cheese.

Father-in-law cooked this smoke cheese for me :)


Knocking on the door from Antwerp!

Thanks Mieke!!

6 May 2013. In the morning.
The weather and my feeling is really good.

In order to challenge new things, I've been going to Helsinki(just before the spring comes).

The flight of return shaked pretty. Even now, after sleeping one night, my head is shaking. Vivid memories of journey are also shaking in the head...

This is the cherry blossoms this year.
She and sun pass each other.

I am waiting at the doinel shop. Come if you feel like it.

Room the night of the day before yesterday, the sweet smell filled.

Many beautiful products.
Delicious food and drink.
Fun chat.

It was a really pleasant night in Fukuoka.

I designed a package for gift wrapping of chocolate.
(It is sold at doinel. )

Happy Valentine’s day to all!

My mind is unstable,
I bought a lot at the sale.