What are you guys doing...?

Wearing a white shirt ironed, I went to a nice meal.
Spending a happy end of this year.

Baguette, Fermented butter, Apple compote. The best Harmony.

I have been fascinated by the pictures taken of her.
mieke verbijlen(http://miekeverbijlen.com/)

This is our challenge a few months ago. 

"Pâté de Campagne" 

I collect in search of some parts,
then tried to make the clip.


Reading this reminds me of school days.

I visited the house located on the shores of the lake.
It is the second time for me to visit this place.

Here is a potter's house. 

I like this house the most.
All of the house is wonderful.

Dahlia and Garden Burnet.
One year has passed soon...

In hot summer, cold drink is the most delicious.
My stomach is filled with a drink.

When I eat "edamame", I remember the days of Antwerp.

A day: my Tokyo life.

Tokyo -- it started in hot summer.
 I hate this season, But I decided to find more fun in this town.

  Somehow I would like to  drink the soup of a burdock.

Put flowers on my desk.

And put colors on my nails.

Eaten after a meal, a combination of pineapple, mint and vanilla ice cream.

I ate a lot of delicious foods in not Tokyo.